Estádio 11 de Novembro: Angola’s Iconic Stadium of Sporting Glory

Estádio 11 de Novembro: Angola’s Iconic Stadium of Sporting Glory

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Estádio 11 de Novembro, also known as the 11th of November Stadium, is a majestic sporting arena located in Luanda, Angola. Named in commemoration of Angola’s Independence Day on November 11, 1975, this stadium has witnessed countless moments of sporting glory and cultural significance. As the home ground of the Angolan national football team and a venue for various sporting events and concerts, Estádio 11 de Novembro holds a special place in the hearts of Angolans and stands as a symbol of national pride.


Estádio 11 de Novembro is a modern multi-purpose stadium that can accommodate a large number of spectators. It has become an essential hub for sporting events, cultural gatherings, and entertainment, playing a crucial role in promoting sports and cultural activities in Angola.

Key Features:

  1. State-of-the-Art Facility: The stadium boasts modern amenities, including a well-maintained pitch, comfortable seating, and top-notch facilities for players and spectators.
  2. National Sporting Events: Estádio 11 de Novembro is a venue for various national sporting events, particularly football matches.

Stadium Highlights:

  • Football Matches: The stadium hosts both domestic and international football matches, drawing fervent fans from across the country to cheer for the Angolan national team.
  • Concerts and Cultural Events: Estádio 11 de Novembro serves as a platform for hosting concerts and cultural events, attracting diverse audiences to celebrate music and arts.

Memorable Moments:

  • 2010 African Cup of Nations: Estádio 11 de Novembro was one of the venues for the 2010 African Cup of Nations, a prestigious continental football tournament.
  • Independence Day Celebrations: The stadium hosts grand celebrations on November 11th each year to mark Angola’s independence anniversary.

Visiting Estádio 11 de Novembro: 

While the stadium primarily hosts sporting events and concerts, visitors may have the opportunity to attend matches and events based on the schedule.

Getting There: 

Estádio 11 de Novembro is conveniently located in the heart of Luanda, making it easily accessible by public transportation or car.

Best Time to Visit: 

The best time to visit the stadium is during major football matches or cultural events, where one can experience the vibrant atmosphere of the venue.

Travel Tips:

  • Plan Ahead: If attending a specific event, it is recommended to check the schedule and plan your visit accordingly.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: When attending cultural events, respect the local customs and traditions to fully immerse in the cultural experience.

Visa Information: 

International visitors to Angola generally require a visa. It is recommended to check the latest visa requirements and apply well in advance.


The local currency in Angola is the Angolan Kwanza (AOA). Cash is commonly used for transactions in most areas.

Internet and Connectivity: 

Wi-Fi may be available at nearby cafes or public places in Luanda, allowing visitors to stay connected during their visit.

In conclusion, Estádio 11 de Novembro stands as a symbol of Angola’s sporting spirit and cultural pride. As a venue for national sporting events and cultural celebrations, it plays a significant role in fostering unity and joy among the Angolan people. Embrace the electrifying atmosphere of football matches, celebrate the cultural diversity of Angola through concerts and events, and experience the essence of national pride at Estádio 11 de Novembro. It is a place where sporting dreams come alive, where the spirit of independence is honored, and where the heart of Angola beats to the rhythm of sports and culture within the walls of this iconic stadium.



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