Antsohihy: Discovering the Tranquil Heart of Madagascar’s Boina Region

Antsohihy: Discovering the Tranquil Heart of Madagascar’s Boina Region

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Antsohihy, located in the northern Boina region of Madagascar, is a charming town surrounded by picturesque landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Positioned approximately 495 kilometers southwest of the bustling port city of Antsiranana (Diego Suarez), Antsohihy is strategically located for travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path destination that offers a glimpse into traditional Malagasy life. This hidden gem promises a serene escape and authentic experiences for those seeking a deeper connection with the island’s culture and nature.

General Overview:

Antsohihy holds immense significance as a regional center for commerce and administration, serving as the capital of the Boina region. Historically, it was a vital point of trade and cultural exchange between various ethnic groups. Today, it remains a peaceful town, known for its traditional wood carvings and a gateway to exploring the surrounding natural wonders, including the Tsingy of Bemaraha.

Key Attractions:

  • Tsingy of Bemaraha: Although a few hours’ drive from Antsohihy, the Tsingy of Bemaraha is a must-see attraction. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its towering limestone formations, offering a surreal landscape that beckons adventurers seeking a unique and breathtaking experience.
  • Woodcarving Workshops: Antsohihy is renowned for its talented woodcarvers who craft intricate pieces of art from local woods. Visitors can witness these artisans at work and even purchase unique souvenirs to take home.
  • Local Markets: Explore the bustling markets of Antsohihy, where locals gather to sell fresh produce, handicrafts, and other goods. It’s a perfect place to experience the vibrant atmosphere and interact with friendly Malagasy traders.

Activities and Experiences:

Antsohihy and its surrounding region offer a range of activities that connect visitors with both nature and culture. Take a journey to the Tsingy of Bemaraha for an awe-inspiring trek amidst unique geological formations. Participate in a woodcarving workshop to learn about the traditional artistry of the Sakalava people. Stroll through the local markets to taste fresh fruits and other Malagasy delicacies while immersing yourself in the lively ambiance.


Accommodations in Antsohihy cater to a range of budgets and preferences. Travelers will find modest guesthouses and lodges that offer a comfortable stay, allowing them to relax and recharge before further exploration.


Local dining in Antsohihy features Malagasy staples such as “ravitoto sy henakisoa,” a dish of cassava leaves and pork, and “koba,” a sweet treat made from rice, peanuts, and bananas. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the unique flavors of the Boina region.

Getting There:

Travelers can fly into the nearest major airport, Fascene Airport in Nosy Be, and then take a domestic flight to Ambanja. From Ambanja, a scenic drive of approximately 2-3 hours will lead to Antsohihy.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Antsohihy is during the dry season, from April to November, when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The wet season (December to March) brings heavy rainfall and may hinder travel plans.

Travel Tips:

  • What to Pack: Pack light and breathable clothing suitable for warm weather. Comfortable footwear for walking is essential, especially if you plan to explore the Tsingy of Bemaraha.
  • Health and Safety: Consult a healthcare professional for necessary vaccinations before traveling to Madagascar. It’s essential to carry a basic first aid kit and stay hydrated during outdoor excursions.
  • Cultural Sensitivities: Respect local customs and traditions, especially when visiting villages or participating in cultural events. Seek permission before taking photographs of people or their property.
  • Visa Information: International visitors to Madagascar typically require a tourist visa. Ensure you have the necessary visa before your departure.
  • Currency: The local currency is the Malagasy Ariary (MGA). Cash is widely accepted, but credit card facilities may be limited, so carry enough cash for small purchases.
  • Internet and Connectivity: Internet access may be limited in remote areas like Antsohihy. Consider purchasing a local SIM card for essential communication.

In conclusion, Antsohihy invites travelers to embrace the tranquility of northwestern Madagascar and immerse themselves in the region’s cultural richness. With its traditional wood carvings, vibrant markets, and access to the awe-inspiring Tsingy of Bemaraha, this lesser-known destination promises an authentic and rewarding journey for those seeking a deeper connection with the island’s heritage and natural beauty. So, set forth on a captivating exploration of Antsohihy, where culture and nature merge to create cherished memories and unforgettable experiences that will remain in your heart long after your journey ends.



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