Anse La Blague, Seychelles: A Secluded Coastal Haven

Anse La Blague, Seychelles: A Secluded Coastal Haven

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Geographical Charmer on Praslin’s Shores

Anse La Blague, a hidden gem in the Seychelles archipelago, graces the northeastern coast of Praslin Island. Nestled away from bustling tourist hubs, it offers an authentic escape into nature’s embrace. Positioned near iconic landmarks like Anse Lazio and Vallée de Mai, Anse La Blague is a tranquil retreat that promises serenity and seclusion for travelers seeking an idyllic coastal haven.

Discovering Anse La Blague

Beyond its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, Anse La Blague holds significance as a slice of untouched paradise. Its history is tied to Seychellois heritage, with its name even translating to “Bay of Wit” in Creole. This bay’s charm lies in its unhurried pace, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Key Attractions

  • Secluded Beach: Anse La Blague boasts a peaceful and unspoiled beach. Soft sands meet the gentle lapping of the Indian Ocean, offering an ideal spot to unwind and listen to the whispers of the waves.
  • Coastal Walks: A leisurely stroll along the shoreline rewards visitors with breathtaking views of the ocean and dramatic rock formations. It’s an ideal place for contemplation and taking in the natural beauty.
  • Snorkeling and Diving: The clear waters teem with marine life and coral formations, making Anse La Blague a snorkeler’s paradise. Divers can explore the underwater wonders that lie just beneath the surface.

Activities and Experiences

  • Beachcombing: Collect seashells and enjoy leisurely walks along the tranquil beach, watching the tide wash ashore with each new day.
  • Picnic Pleasure: Pack a picnic and relish a serene meal on the beach while being serenaded by the ocean’s melody.
  • Local Encounters: Engage with the friendly locals to gain insights into Seychellois life, culture, and traditions.


Anse La Blague offers a range of accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences. Luxurious resorts and charming guesthouses are scattered along the coastline, ensuring visitors find a comfortable place to stay within proximity to the beach.


Local culinary offerings tantalize the taste buds with fresh seafood, Creole spices, and tropical fruits. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in mouthwatering dishes that reflect the island’s diverse cultural influences.

Getting There

Travelers typically arrive at Seychelles International Airport on Mahé Island before taking a domestic flight or ferry to Praslin Island. From there, Anse La Blague is accessible by a short drive.

Best Time to Visit

The dry months of May to September offer pleasant weather for outdoor activities. However, Praslin’s tropical climate ensures that year-round visits can be enjoyable.

Travel Tips

  • What to Pack: Sunscreen, swimwear, comfortable clothing, beach essentials, insect repellent, and a camera to capture the stunning scenery.
  • Health and Safety: Apply sunscreen, stay hydrated, and be mindful of the sun’s intensity. Check if any vaccinations are required before your trip.
  • Cultural Sensitivities: Respect local customs and traditions by dressing modestly when not on the beach and greeting locals with a smile.
  • Visa Information: Verify visa requirements for your nationality before traveling.
  • Currency: The local currency is Seychellois Rupee (SCR), but major international currencies are often accepted.
  • Internet and Connectivity:Most accommodations offer Wi-Fi, and mobile network coverage is generally good on Praslin Island.

In conclusion, Anse La Blague beckons travelers to unwind, connect with nature, and immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of Seychelles. Whether you seek relaxation or exploration, this coastal haven promises a serene and rejuvenating escape from the ordinary.



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